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Consulting and Planning

How does the enterprise IT strategy move from a long-term blueprint to a strategic plan, from conceptual design to project landing? ECCOM's network consulting services can help users achieve these goals. Our consulting services cover IT infrastructure, network communication, cloud computing management and information security. Each area is able to provide professional consulting services in three stages, from analysis and evaluation, policy formulation to planning and design.


ECCOM's network consulting and planning methodology is a methodology framework based on The Open Group Architecture Framework Format (TOGAF). Currently TOGAF has been used by 80 % of Forbes' top 50 companies in the world and supports an open and standard SOA reference framework.  At the same time, we also combine Gartne IT maturity model with industry best practices.


During the consultation process, based on key comparisons and urgency analysis, we formulated phased goals and corresponding implementation plans for users to ensure that users can have clear planning guidelines and actual project plans in the IT strategic direction. At the same time, we also formulated IT technology and management standards for users to maintain long-term compliance and consistency in the construction of users.


The delivery of the consulting project conforms to the ISO 9001 quality certification system.  The delivery of ECCOM consulting services is completed by consulting consultants and industry experts with rich project experience. We follow the principle of objective neutrality at the technical and project level and ensure the feasibility and professionalism of the consulting planning scheme through regular project meetings, discussion of key issues, periodic reports and other forms.


Tel    : 400-820-5-820,800-820-5-820
mail  : [email protected]
web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



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